Always interested in Fate vs Free Will!

01.099 and I chose Mr. Baggins.
01.099 Just let any one say I chose the wrong man or the wrong house,
01.100 I have chosen Mr. Baggins
01.117 the chosen and selected burglar.
01.130 and if I have chosen my own time
04.049 and they chose out their very quickest runners
05.015 I guess it’s a choice feast;
06.008 and why the wizard had not chosen someone with more sense.
08.040 is to choose the tallest tree
08.041 They chose him,
11.006 For this purpose he chose Balin and Fili and Kili,
12.039 Perhaps before long one or two could be chosen
12.052 I was chosen for the lucky number.’
12.095 and you shall choose your own fourteenth,
13.021 and choose my own share;
13.021 and I think I would choose this,
13.021 and choosing had not really been meant
17.015 Curse him for his choice of you!
17.018 that I might choose my own fourteenth share?
17.049 and it prevents your head from being specially chosen

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