“Your own wisdom must decide your course.” I think I’m just going to hold on to that one this morning. The closely related word “Wizard” can be found here.

• 01.121 and doing his best to appear wise
• 03.033 as wise as a wizard,
• 04.001 helped by the wise advice of Elrond
• 04.003 Even the good plans of wise wizards like Gandalf
• 04.003 and Gandalf was a wise enough wizard to know it.
• 05.008 and they have a fund of wisdom
• 05.008 and wise sayings
• 07.125 and Gandalf thought it wise to tell him their whole story
• 08.131 and less wise.
• 10.041 which shows he was a wise elf
• 12.058 (which is wise)
• 12.058 (which is also very wise)
• 14.031 and wise,
• 14.031 The wise will stay here
• 15.010 and they hand on their wisdom to their children.
• 15.010 because there was a wise
• 15.020 Your own wisdom must decide your course;
• 15.054 Gather your wisdom ere we return!’
• 18.019 Some courage and some wisdom,

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