Many of the words in “What the dwarves started to sing” are food words, so we will be able to trot through this group of words in a spritely manner. I love the rough singing by rough dwarves who are no less such master craftsmen that they have the dexterity to toss crockery about the room with chipping a single plate.

This word is used infrequently, and I see no pattern in its use.

• 1.064 Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
• 2.030 and willows along its banks bent
• 3.027 who was bent almost on to his hands
• 4.025 and the bent swords that they use.
• 6.046 and bent,
• 7.069 and bending
• 7.101 The grasses hissed, their tassels bent,
• 8.029 As soon as they had landed he had bent his bow
• 9.039 and were bent on returning as soon as they could.
• 11.019 and the steel heads broke or bent like lead.
• 14.018 He bent his bow for the last time.
• 14.025 It twisted the white fog into bending pillars
• 16.017 At last he came to the bend

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