A nice, even common word!

• 1.065 Cut the cloth and tread on the fat!
• 2.065 me throat cut
• 4.041 It made no trouble whatever of cutting through the goblin-chains
• 6.034 quite a short cut.
• 6.062 cutting down trees,
• 6.063 or cut them down.
• 6.099 or cutting up meat,
• 7.131 and scour all the edge of the forest so as to cut you off,
• 8.075 and he had time to cut his legs loose.
• 8.105 If he cut the string which hung him up,
• 8.106 He managed by leaning over to cut
• 8.107 he had to cut most of it off.
• 8.111 and cutting at the threads with their knives.
• 9.018 the roof had been cut away
• 10.010 First of all a barrel was cut loose by Bilbo
• 13.019 cut
• 13.043 cut out of the living rock broad
• 14.009 Cut the bridges!

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