It’s a common word, used about fifty times in the work!

• 01.020 to send you on this adventure.
• 01.066 “Send them down the hall to roll!”
• 01.068 he sent a smaller smoke-ring from his short clay-pipe
• 01.068 of the smoke-rings he had sent up the wind over The Hill.
• 01.122 Kings used to send for our smiths,
• 02.079 but he was sent spinning up into the top of some bushes,
• 03.006 I sent a message by my friends,
• 04.008 that they sent Fili
• 04.008 (when everybody could see that it was absolutely no use sending Bilbo)
• 04.043 That sent them on faster than ever,
• 05.012 and there was no reason to go that way – unless the Great Goblin sent them.
• 05.090 It sent a shiver down his back.
• 06.043 but they won’t find it difficult to send stones
• 07.088 and the story had kept him from sending the dwarves off
• 07.116 he was so busy sending smoke rings
• 07.127 and the food I send with you.
• 07.127 At the gate of the forest I must ask you to send back my horse
• 07.135 Now you must send back these excellent ponies
• 07.137 You don’t mention sending that back.’
• 07.138 because I am not sending it.’
• 07.140 I am not sending the horse back,
• 07.142 and I am sending Mr. Baggins with you.
• 08.029 Now he sent a swift
• 08.045 and what is the use of sending a hobbit!’
• 08.057 until they agreed at length to send out a couple of spies,
• 08.057 But then they could not agree on who was to be sent:
• 08.062 I shall send Mr. Baggins alone first to talk to them.
• 08.119 and sending a shower of stones
• 09.012 that he could get a message for help sent to the wizard,
• 09.024 and it would not do to send up poor stuff!’
• 10.041 He sent out his spies about the shores of the lake
• 10.045 had been sent round by circuitous paths
• 11.001 and the ponies for their own use that had been sent to meet them.
• 11.006 Thorin sent out a scouting expedition
• 12.079 but the nostrils sent forth fire
• 13.016 and Gloin were sent back to their bundles at the top of the tunnel.
• 13.048 A misty sun sent its pale light
• 14.033 What sort of gold have they sent down the river to reward us?
• 14.039 for Bard at once had speedy messengers sent
• 14.042 but great store of goods he sent ahead by water.
• 14.043 sent down from the Forest.
• 15.021 that you would send messengers to our kin
• 15.027 Filiand Kili were sent,
• 15.028 and sent them back riderless to the South.
• 17.030 but Thorin sent messengers by Roäc
• 17.033 We are sent from Dain son of Nain,’
• 17.035 Bard then sent messengers at once to the Gate;
• 17.050 they sent against it a shower of arrows,
• 18.010 I have been sent to look here for the last time.
• 18.034 From that treasure Bard sent much gold

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