So, why didn’t the bells ring during Smaug’s attack?? No warning bells in Laketown? 14.035 seems to indicate so, and perhaps bells are precious things only for soft times, such as in The Shire.

• 1.025 there came a tremendous ring on the front-door bell,
• 1.029 when there came another even louder ring at the bell.
• 1.037 when loud came a ring at the bell again,
• 1.043 his bell rang again,
• 1.046 Then the bell rang again louder than ever,
• 1.074 While hammers fell like ringing bells
• 1.080 The bells were ringing in the dale
• 1.123 By that time all the bells were ringing
• 3.040 and its merry bells,
• 11.007 when the bells rang
• 14.035 and filled with golden bells,
• 15.038 While hammers fell like ringing bells

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