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c897   K. Ælfred tr. Gregory Pastoral Care xxviii. 195   Ðonne hnappað he oð he wierð on fæstum slæpe.

“sleep, n.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, September 2019, Accessed 17 October 2019.

c888   Ælfred tr. Boethius De Consol. Philos. xlii   Ne slæpð he næfre.

“sleep, v.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, September 2019, Accessed 17 October 2019.

Oh, friends, go get yourself a subscription while it’s on sale in the U.S. until Dec 31st. It would make a wonderful Yule gift! Anyway, back to work… I am delighted to observe in which chapters there was no sleep.

• 1.074 In places deep, where dark things sleep,
• 1.123 and sleeps on it for a bed.
• 1.140 and dragons must sleep sometimes,
• 1.145 Bilbo went to sleep with that
• 2.031 “and where shall we get a dry patch to sleep on?”
• 2.065 in me sleep!
• 2.117 After that they slept,
• 3.033 or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing,
• 4.013 and so they dropped off to sleep one by one.
• 4.014 For, somehow, he could not go to sleep for a long while;
• 4.014 and when he did sleep,
• 6.063 and devouring people waked suddenly from their sleep.
• 6.100 and he felt he could sleep contentedly,
• 6.100 He slept curled up on the hard rock
• 6.100 in his sleep into all his different rooms
• 7.096 Soon he began to nod with sleep
• 7.105 It is time for us to sleep,’
• 7.119 your wits are sleepy.’
• 7.132 and most of them slept uneasily
• 8.005 They slept all closely huddled together,
• 8.033 Bombur slept on with a smile on his fat face,
• 8.038 Still Bombur slept
• 8.050 and sleep.
• 8.052 and sleep
• 8.068 and tried to go back to sleep
• 8.087 after a bee-autiful sleep.
• 8.129 into uncomfortable sleep full of horrible dreams,
• 8.130 You remember Bilbo falling like a log into sleep,
• 9.011 hardly daring to sleep,
• 11.028 and hardly slept.
• 12.011 in its sleep
• 12.016 Above him the sleeping dragon lay,
• 12.016 in his sleep.
• 12.032 and he went back to his golden couch to sleep –
• 12.043 watching while they sleep,
• 12.044 He was only pretending to sleep!
• 13.071 and slept,
• 15.031 That night the dwarves slept little.
• 15.038 in places deep, where dark things sleep,
• 16.013 There is no sleep
• 16.016 Bombur would sleep
• 16.016 (he could sleep at any time,
• 19.016 and you have slept now since the night’s beginning.
• 19.017 A little sleep does a great cure
• 19.017 and slept till late morning.

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