For those of you just catching up with the blog, welcome. We are working our way through “Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold”, making sure that every word is in our concordance except the very crazily most common. When I’m not sure where that line is, I take inspiration from Richard Blackwelder, whose A Tolkien Thesaurus contains every noun, verb, adjective, and adverb of The Lord of the Rings.

Friends, I notice that this word is almost missing in the war chapters. Mayhap my next project will include decoding that section. Well, after the Chapter 8 project. and the others.

• 1.032 he said when he caught sight of Dwalin’s green hood hanging up.
• 1.075 They shaped and wrought, and light they caught
• 2.035 He got into the river before they could catch him;
• 2.066 “I caught him anyway.”
• 2.077 and he was not caught unawares.
• 2.079 He caught up a big branch
• 2.079 He caught hold of Tom’s leg –
• 2.113 Two caught their eyes particularly,
• 3.018 Soon Bilbo caught glimpses of them
• 4.005 and catching them,
• 4.025 and anyway goblins don’t care who they catch,
• 5.003 the goblins had not caught him;
• 5.087 and caught a small goblin-imp.
• 5.116 The goblinses will catch it then.
• 5.117 and catch us,
• 5.144 or caught by feel.
• 6.026 so that they often caught people benighted near their gates.
• 6.041 Some caught hold of the trunks
• 6.050 and do not need to see you to catch you!
• 6.051 Escaping goblins to be caught by wolves!’ he said,
• 6.064 and immediately his shaggy coat caught fire,
• 6.070 The wolves that had caught fire
• 6.079 The bark caught fire,
• 6.083 He just managed to catch hold of Dori’s legs,
• 7.118 We shall all be caught
• 7.122 he had caught a Warg
• 7.131 and they will have the longer ride to catch you.
• 8.002 in not being caught
• 8.003 he could catch glimpses of them whisking off the path
• 8.017 they had used for catching their packs
• 8.020 let’s hope the hook will catch.’
• 8.021 caught the rope,
• 8.031 His hand caught it,
• 8.041 and caught himself just
• 8.089 only catching itself with its own thread just
• 8.097 You’ll never catch me up your tree!
• 8.099 Very soon the hobbit would be caught
• 8.111 The spiders had caught them pretty easily the night before,
• 8.120 Hoping desperately that Bilbo had not been caught
• 8.130 Thorin had been caught much faster than they had.
• 8.130 their cries as the spiders caught them
• 9.003 to catch them up
• 9.011 More than once he was nearly caught
• 9.035 until they were caught again.
• 9.054 poor little Bilbo caught hold of it
• 9.062 Also he had caught a glimpse of a fire through the trees,
• 9.068 and quicker as they caught the main stream
• 11.021 in which he sometimes thought he could catch glimpses
• 11.029 as if the light caught the last pale leaves.
• 11.030 It had caught a snail
• 12.020 he had caught the dim echoes of a knocking sound
• 12.022 till he had caught the thief
• 12.041 and less hopeful of catching this one napping.
• 12.044 when he caught a sudden thin
• 12.060 and I shall catch
• 12.067 Had you never thought of the catch?
• 12.076 that the hobbit had already caught a glimpse
• 12.078 Ponies take some catching,
• 12.090 that catching a dragon napping
• 12.102 of catching unawares something
• 13.010 if you can catch me!’
• 13.018 they caught a glint
• 13.019 and he caught his breath.
• 13.023 and caught a glimpse of great passages
• 13.027 though the only word they could catch was ‘help!’
• 13.032 which they had caught as they went along
• 15.033 and they caught faintly the fragrance of woodland flowers
• 19.044 but being of the kind that easily catches such disease

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