And, yes, I checked for “hanged” as well.

• 1.007 hung down below his waist,
• 1.017 and hang
• 1.027 He hung his hooded cloak on the nearest peg,
• 1.028 and hung his things up
• 1.032 he said when he caught sight of Dwalin’s green hood hanging up.
• 1.032 He hung his red one next to it,
• 1.046 and a white hood were hanging on the pegs,
• 1.050 Then they hung up two yellow hoods
• 1.051 and his own hat hanging on the pegs.
• 1.076 The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
• 1.110 and in his hall there hung a large one
• 1.114 that hung about his neck
• 2.113 hanging on the walls –
• 4.005 There they were sheltering under a hanging rock for the night,
• 6.057 and hung his arm down as far as ever he could.
• 6.058 and tongues hanging out.
• 6.070 with their tongues hanging out,
• 8.001 and hung with lichen
• 8.083 when they’ve hung a bit,’
• 8.084 Don’t hang ’em too long,’
• 8.085 and hang ’em dead for a while.’
• 8.088 till it came to a dozen bundles hanging
• 8.104 and came back to their trees where the dwarves were hung.
• 8.104 if a spider had not luckily left a rope hanging down;
• 8.105 If he cut the string which hung him up,
• 8.107 and from hanging most of the night
• 8.108 But there were still five dwarves hanging at the end of the branch
• 8.110 and skin hanging on a tree.
• 8.110 and then we’ll hang him head downwards for a day or two.’
• 9.058 and how much longer he would be able to hang on,
• 9.061 This had a shingly shore under hanging banks
• 11.026 till they hang down the cliff to the valley
• 12.014 could dimly be seen coats of mail, helms and axes, swordsand spears hanging;
• 13.034 and finding still hanging there many golden harps
• 13.044 that hung twisted on their hinges
• 14.028 his black hair hung wet over his face
• 15.039 The light of stars, on crowns they hung
• 16.036 and hung before them
• 17.031 that hung to his knees,
• 19.036 and red hung on the gate,
• 19.039 His sword he hung over the mantelpiece.

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