Lay, Laying, Laid, Had Laid – takes an object. When the object is the reflexive pronoun, my brain implodes, but that’s all right.

• 01.080 Laid low their towers and houses frail.
• 01.092 and laid him out of the way
• 01.124 when I will allow we have a good bit laid by
• 04.002 laid out behind them far below.
• 06.093 Very soon Bilbo was laid down,
• 07.093 and quickly laid on the trestle-tables.
• 07.099 and leaves were laid upon the mould.
• 07.106 Bilbo found that beds had already been laid
• 07.111 though we found breakfast laid as soon as we went out.’
• 08.031 When they laid him on the bank he was already fast asleep,
• 09.026 then he laid it on the table
• 10.015 and laid helpless on the shore.
• 10.024 lay down your arms!’
• 12.072 I laid low the warriors of old
• 13.071 There they laid their burdens;
• 15.028 with a wall of squared stones laid dry,
• 15.053 laying down your arms before you approach the threshold.’
• 17.003 At the beginning of the narrow way they laid aside sword
• 17.032 and there they laid down their weapons
• 18.030 and Bard laid the Arkenstone upon his breast.
• 18.032 Upon his tomb the Elvenking then laid Orcrist,
• 18.035 to lay aside all your claim,

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