How unexpected that the word “song” appears only fifty-six times – the thread of music weaves so thoroughly through Tolkien’s writing that somehow I expected to hear about it at every turn. But no – the Master Craftsman uses a delicate brush which never points at itself.

• 01.072 and this is like a fragment of their song,
• 01.072 if it can be like their song without their music.
• 01.078 There lay they long, and many a song
• 01.120 and didn’t you hear our song?
• 02.027 and they told stories or sang songs
• 02.028 and sang songs Bilbo had never heard before.
• 03.013 Just then there came a burst of song
• 03.021 Then off they went into another song
• 03.026 and they sang a merry song as the party went across.
• 03.034 or one or two of the songs that they heard
• 03.050 Now they rode away amid songs of farewell
• 04.022 The general meaning of the song was only too plain;
• 05.006 of which so many songs had sung;
• 06.073 beginning a horrible song:
• 07.084 and sang songs making fun of us.
• 07.120 and while the dwarves were still singing songs
• 08.071 and their songs were filled with mirth.
• 08.071 and fair were those songs,
• 08.094 then dancing among the trees he began to sing a song
• 08.099 and began a new song:
• 09.039 and singing snatches of song.
• 09.041 while the song is up!’
• 09.052 began to sing a song round the river-door.
• 10.008 though some still sang old songs
• 10.008 and all that land would be filled with new song
• 10.034 nor did he think much of old songs,
• 10.034 Some began to sing snatches of old songs
• 10.034 Others took up the song
• 10.035 To songs of yore re-sung.
• 10.036 no songs had alluded to him even
• 10.037 and sang songs all day,
• 10.038 Some of the songs were old ones;
• 11.002 ‘Not at any rate until the songs have come true!’
• 11.004 There was no laughter or song or sound of harps,
• 11.004 at the singing of old songs by the lake
• 12.048 ‘Truly songs
• 14.005 It is time the songs began to prove themselves again.’
• 14.016 the old songs of mirth to come had been sung
• 14.033 and he is worthy of many imperishable songs.
• 14.033 and led us to believe that old songs could come true?
• 14.034 and some of those who had before sung the old songs loudest,
• 15.033 and with song,
• 15.035 but their song was not as elvish song,
• 15.035 but their song was not as elvish song,
• 15.035 and was much like the song they had sung long before
• 15.043 This song appeared to please Thorin,
• 15.043 both at the song
• 17.061 I have heard songs of many battles,
• 18.003 and no echo of a song.
• 18.019 If more of us valued food and cheer and song
• 18.024 Songs have said
• 18.032 in songs
• 19.001 they burst into a song of much the same kind as before.
• 19.036 to old songs
• 19.045 They are making songs which say that
• 19.046 Then the prophecies of the old songs

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