Oooh, good morning – my fancy is tickled by a verb whose present, perfect and pluperfect are identical.

• 1.079 The fire was red, it flaming spread;
• 1.101 he spread a piece of parchment rather like a map.
• 1.122 and were gradually spreading
• 4.003 and the goblins had spread
• 4.013 So they spread out their wet things on the floor,
• 6.072 a ring which they kept from spreading outwards;
• 6.079 In a moment it spread to the others.
• 9.059 and lay on the top spread out to keep the balance as best he could.
• 10.003 and bogs had spread
• 10.034 The news had spread
• 12.09 it silently spread its wings
• 14.04 Far over Mirkwood tidings spread:

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