Such a wonderful word has, as you can imagine, many, many variant forms, a whole hatful of scribal errors of variant forms, and all kinds of connections to other northern European languages. Here’s a beautiful, beautiful tidbit:

The plural form houses is the only current example of a distinct plural form preserving the voicing of intervocalic s in standard English

“house, n.1 and int.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, June 2020, Accessed 30 July 2020.

• 1.058 had not come right into his house.
• 1.080 Laid low their towers and houses frail.
• 1.090 in the house of our friend
• 1.095 I should have been sure we had come to the wrong house.
• 1.097 and I am quite sure you have come to the wrong house.
• 1.099 Just let any one say I chose the wrong man or the wrong house,
• 2.039 such as might lead to a house or a farm;
• 3.006 in the Last Homely House.
• 3.007 to find the Last Homely House west of the Mountains.
• 3.008 for they saw now that the house might be hidden
• 3.024 and to the house beyond.
• 3.030 to the Last Homely House,
• 3.031 in that good house,
• 3.032 The master of the house was an elf-friend –
• 3.032 and Elrond the master of the house was their chief.
• 3.033 His house was perfect,
• 3.034 in that house.
• 4.002 and left the Last Homely House miles behind,
• 6.100 But all night he dreamed of his own house
• 7.022 again as long as you are within a hundred miles of his house,
• 7.023 and has a great wooden house;
• 7.031 and a long low wooden house.
• 7.032 and went down a wide track towards the house.
• 7.034 three walls of which were formed by the wooden house
• 7.044 that opened out of the courtyard into the house.
• 7.051 and Dori came round the house
• 7.088 He never invited people into his house,
• 7.088 and he never invited more than a couple of these to his house at a time.
• 7.094 since they left the Last Homely House
• 7.096 with the pillars of the house standing tall behind them,
• 7.125 and they followed round the house.
• 7.127 and my house is open to you,
• 7.131 nor to come near my house –
• 7.132 and Beorn’s house
• 8.004 who liked holes to make a house
• 8.047 The last thing that he remembered was the party at the hobbit’s house,
• 8.132 and had houses or huts on the ground
• 9.012 burgling the same house
• 10.028 on which were built the greater houses,
• 10.037 and housed
• 10.037 A large house was given up to Thorin
• 11.006 the grey ruins of ancient houses, towers, and walls.
• 11.012 in the fair house of Elrond,
• 12.004 he meant last spring before he left his own house,
• 14.015 and the roof of the Great House crumbled
• 14.015 and another house
• 14.018 that held their ground among the burning houses.
• 14.025 and ruined houses.
• 14.039 and housing.
• 14.040 in his wooden house,
• 17.010 But how came you by the heirloom of my house –
• 17.019 the treasure of my house.
• 18.051 to the doors of Beorn’s house;
• 19.001 Homely House.
• 19.005 and led them across the water to the house of Elrond.
• 19.005 in the house of Beorn;
• 19.017 in the house of Elrond,’
• 19.018 in that house,

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