This word has eight distinct meanings – strife, joy, penny, delightful, won (the adjective), to be victorious, to dwell, and to dry. Our meaning, to be victorious, is attested from 888. Y’all know me, I could spend the whole day investigating the other senses. When I have a day off, perhaps I will!

Oh, dear. It’s got a spin-off – witherwin. Let’s work double hard to win a day off!

• 1.082 To win our harps and gold from him!
• 1.094 and in this way the battle was won
• 1.096 The Took side had won.
• 5.094 And I won the game,
• 5.098 he had won the game,
• 12.095 about what would happen after the treasure had been won.
• 12.095 and I still think that when we have won it will be time enough
• 13.040 This treasure is not yet won back.
• 17.044 for they resolved now to win the dominion of the North.
• 17.061 before the goblins win the Gate,
• 18.035 in its winning
• 19.003 Than gold won by mining,

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