All this time and I have not done the word “word”? Goodness! Why that huge gap between chapters 1 and 10? Let’s look at some other “word” words as well to see what’s going on.

• 1.028 without a word of explanation?
• 1.097 if I have overheard words that you were saying.
• 10.027 and let us have no more words,
• 11.020 remembering Bilbo’s words long ago at the unexpected party
• 12.015 There are no words left to express his staggerment,
• 12.024 Roused by these words
• 12.047 even though he did not believe a word of it.
• 12.089 who have had words with the likes of Smaug.
• 12.095 The talk turned to the dragon’s wicked words
• 13.027 though the only word they could catch was ‘help!’
• 14.034 The result of his words was
• 14.034 and bitter words were shouted from many sides;
• 14.035 Why waste words
• 14.035 He thought of the Master’s words,
• 14.036 This is no time for angry words, Master,
• 14.036 though after a while I may think again of your words
• 15.015 for word has gone out that Smaug is dead!’
• 15.017 and we may trust his words.
• 15.049 Now these were fair words
• 15.054 We will give you time to repent your words.
• 16.003 Bilbo heard these words
• 17.014 he shouted at a loss for words,
• 17.018 in word than
• 17.035 so after angry words the dwarf-messengers retired
• 18.017 and I would take back my words
• 18.035 I should wish that the words of Thorin,
• 18.039 but words stuck
• 19.006 for he overheard the words of the wizard to Elrond.
• 19.024 and the words of a year ago –
• 3.025 Also he would have liked to have a few private words
• 3.038 Thorin pondered these words.
• 5.041 in the usual words.
• 6.014 in spite of Gandalf’s words,
• 7.016 because carrock is his word for it.
• 7.022 and in the name of all wonder don’t mention the word furrier
• 7.022 nor rug, cape, tippet, muff, nor any other such unfortunate word!
• 7.123 You must forgive my not taking your word.
• 7.123 you would take the word of no one that you did not know
• 7.128 But their spirits sank at his grave words,
• 7.153 But he could not resist the temptation to have the last word.
• 8.072 in the middle of a word.
• 8.081 but he could make out many of the words that they said.
• 8.133 and also he was determined that no word of gold or jewels
• 8.142 and would not say another word.
• 9.013 and to have a word with the chief of the dwarves.
• 9.015 nor before Thorin gave the word.
• 9.031 Upon my word!’

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