It’s been a little while.

Here’s what happened, Word Fans:
Fellow scholar and highly experienced dude of digital text, James Tauber, pointed out that the Chapter titles should have paragraph numbers, too. They are, after all, text.

Well of course, they should.

And then I got stuck for four months. I was gonna hafta re-number every quotation because Chapter titles would obviously get number 1 and then every other paragraph iterate by one and I was completely paralyzed.

I finally mentioned my Slough of Despond to James and he said something like (imagine a ‘Strain accent), “Sparrow, I’ve given my chapter titles number 0 to align with your paragraphs pretty well.”

He… what? How amazingly kind! That’s… I don’t have to re-number every single quotation???! What did “pretty well” mean, though? It meant, as I had feared, “not exactly.” So I got stuck for two more months.

Then James offered a course called Digital Text at Signum University. Wow! I hopped in as a Discussion Auditor. Here’s what I learned relevant to the “whose list of paragraphs is the One List?” problem.

Declare your system, make it easily accessible to the users, move on. Strength in diversity and collaboration, which is the whole darned point anyway.

Finally… I will get back to it. My paragraph index is linked on the About page for all to use. No retroactive changes.

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