I imagine that Wargs are terrible genetic and magical experiments on wolves, as were Orcs to Elves, Trolls to Ents.

  • 06.059 But even the wild Wargs
  • 06.060 in the dreadful language of the Wargs.
  • 06.060 and then all the Wargs
  • 06.061 The Wargs
  • 06.061 Then they often got the Wargs to help
  • 06.061 The Wargs had come to meet the goblins
  • 06.062 and even the Wargs dared not attack them
  • 06.063 The Wargs were angry
  • 06.063 So the Wargs had no intention of going away
  • 06.067 and looked down upon the ring of the Wargs,
  • 06.070 All round the clearing of the Wargs fire was leaping.
  • 07.117 with the Wargs
  • 07.118 if he leads all the Wargs
  • 07.121 Not eaten up by Wargs or goblins or wicked bears yet I see’ ;
  • 07.122 he had caught a Warg
  • 07.122 with Wargs for the dwarves,
  • 07.124 and the Warg?’
  • 07.131 and Wargs run swifter than ponies.
  • 17.041 and Wargs are
  • 17.054 There a host of Wargs came ravening
  • 17.058 The Wargs were scattered
  • 18.051 and the Wargs had vanished from the woods,

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