Sometimes it is a comforting consumable, sometimes it is a choking hazard.  Please be discriminating, dear colleagues, when using these words to make generalizations about food.  You will find “smoke-hole” and “smoke-ring” in their own entries.

  • 01.002 a very comfortable tunnel without smoke,
  • 01.006 smoking an enormous long wooden pipe
  • 01.010 and blew out a beautiful grey ring of smoke
  • 01.068 and found Thorin with his feet on the fender smoking a pipe.
  • 01.081 The mountain smoked beneath the moon;
  • 04.013 and blew smoke rings,
  • 04.035 into a tower of blue glowing smoke,
  • 04.036 and the smoke that now fell from the roof
  • 06.064 in coloured sparks and smoke.
  • 06.072 Soon they had a ring of smoke
  • 06.072 Smoke was in Bilbo’s eyes,
  • 06.084 of sparks and smoke.
  • 07.045 and the smoke was rising to the blackened rafters
  • 07.102 and flying smoke was in the air.
  • 07.116 this is a splendid place for smoke rings!’
  • 07.116 he was so busy sending smoke rings
  • 08.072 in black smokes.
  • 11.008 and a dark smoke.
  • 11.010 or I imagine so from the smoke,’
  • 11.011 and still I expect smokes
  • 12.013 and wisps of smoke,
  • 12.021 the hall smoked,
  • 12.042 that smoke on a gentle wind
  • 13.049 by their smoking torches flurried over them;

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