What’s food for the ponies [11.013] is food for the blog:

  • 01.008 and the grass was very green.
  • 03.001 for there was plenty of grass,
  • 03.012 The last green had almost faded out of the grass,
  • 06.040 and the long grasses between the boulders,
  • 07.005 and wide grass lands,
  • 07.014 and then began to march through the long green grass
  • 07.032 trotted up across the grass
  • 07.101 The grasses hissed, their tassels bent,
  • 07.132 galloping wherever the ground was grassy
  • 07.133 and all the while they saw nothing save grass
  • 07.133 sticking up out of the long grass,
  • 08.076 as he wiped his sword on the grass
  • 09.060 a round-bellied pony that was always thinking of rolling on the grass.
  • 10.035 And grass beneath the sun;
  • 11.004 There was little grass,
  • 11.013 and there was some grass for their ponies.
  • 11.015 At last tired out they rested on the grass at its feet,
  • 11.016 and so at last without mishap they reached the little grassy bay.
  • 11.020 but they used to call the little grassy space
  • 11.023 in the centre of the grass
  • 11.028 in the grassy bay gazing at the stone,
  • 11.030 in the grass was an enormous thrush,
  • 12.022 of the grassy terrace
  • 12.029 His hot breath shrivelled the grass before the door,
  • 12.096 green as grass,
  • 12.101 the scorched grass,
  • 16.011 I would give a good deal for the feel of grass at my toes.’
  • 19.002 Here grass is still growing,
  • 19.012 Soft is the grass, and let foot be like feather!
  • 19.027 and there was much grass
  • 19.030 Over grass

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