On Column Spacing

You may have noticed that we passed the landmark of spilling over onto the fifth column of words in the Concordance.  When we did that, the fifth column words at the end of the alphabet seemed squished, as though that column didn’t have its fair share of space.  Our final word “zig-zag” was broken at the hyphen, in fact.

Tech Support assured me that the word-spacings exert a kind of Pixel Pressure on one another and that as more words enter the fifth column, the space will be shared more equitably.  Sure enough, only six words into it, “zig-zag” is all  on one line.  Of course, your own browser may be displaying it all in Klingon for all I know.

All this is to say, Happy 1600 Words, Word Fans – and here’s to many more to come!

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