Today’s rabbit hole – seek, beseech, besee. Oh, OED, I love thee. I think this is a high word. Remember that years ago I thought I could separate high words from low?? and that every example I could think of had both high and low uses? Well, this word is used infrequently enough that our non-robust first glance says that it is a high word…

• 1.073 To seek the pale enchanted gold.
• 3.015 O! What are you seeking,
• 5.090 searching and seeking
• 9.053 Seek the sunlight and the day,
• 11.014 they found what they were seeking.
• 12.064 seeking for him
• 12.072 and where are his kin that dare seek revenge?
• 14.014 seeking only to set their town ablaze.
• 17.048 seeking for the foe.

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