In playing with this word, I have updated Pallid, and took a beautiful journey through “fallow” (which can be a color!!!) and “pullous” (related to Vedic Sanskrit “Palita” – grey-haired – which would make a lovely pseudonym, don’t you think? – so now I need a secret double life just so I can call myself Palita). What a lovely morning!

• 1.073 To seek the pale enchanted gold.
• 1.080 And men looked up with faces pale;
• 4.038 A pale light was leading them on.
• 5.005 It shone pale
• 5.012 except for two big round pale eyes
• 5.012 He was looking out of his pale lamp-like eyes for blind fish,
• 5.013 with his pale eyes like telescopes.
• 5.016 and he suddenly saw the pale eyes sticking out at him.
• 5.101 the light of his eyes burned with a pale flame.
• 5.134 but a pale out-of-doors sort of light.
• 6.087 The pale peaks of the mountains
• 8.005 were horrible pale bulbous sort of eyes.
• 8.036 and herbs with pale leaves
• 9.061 He could see the paler sky between them.
• 11.029 as if the light caught the last pale leaves.
• 11.029 and there pale
• 11.030 its pale yellow breast freckled with dark spots.
• 12.007 in a pale sky barred with black
• 12.014 and his long pale belly crusted with gems
• 12.031 until dawn came pale through the crack of the door.
• 13.009 there was a pale white glint,
• 13.048 A misty sun sent its pale light
• 13.049 They flung their pale torches to the ground,
• 15.031 The morning was still pale
• 18.053 snow yet unmelted was gleaming pale.

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