Is it my imagination, or is “place” only a noun in this list? Friends, please let me know if anyone in the story “places” something somewhere! This strikes me as odd. Does it strike you so?

• 1.006 and adventures sprouted up all over the place wherever he went,
• 1.072 in the deep places of their ancient homes;
• 1.074 In places deep, where dark things sleep,
• 3.001 at a wide shallow place
• 3.008 some of them green pleasant places to look at,
• 4.005 in a narrow place,
• 5.004 in that horrible place.
• 5.008 in what is called a tight place.
• 5.008 and after all if their holes are nice cheery places
• 5.009 in Mr. Baggins’ place,
• 5.035 “But in low place
Not in high place.'”
• 5.035 “But in low place
Not in high place.'”
• 5.087 He might even venture into places where the torches were lit
• 5.113 We doesn’t remember all the places we’ve visited.
• 5.120 Soon they came to places where,
• 5.145 The place was full of goblins running about,
• 6.048 Somehow it struck all of them as not at all a nice place,
• 6.052 and were trying to find a place to sit
• 6.059 they can be perfectly miserable places.
• 6.062 and building themselves places to live in
• 6.064 in a very bad place,
• 6.070 in several places.
• 6.088 and fear lest he fall off that narrow place
• 7.084 in places,
• 7.116 this is a splendid place for smoke rings!’
• 7.117 I had to walk miles before I found a place
• 7.126 And in the dim shadows of that place
• 7.130 for at a place a few days’ ride due north of the Carrock
• 7.151 I don’t advise you to go anywhere near the places
• 8.003 in places on the forest-floor;
• 8.005 in another place.
• 8.035 and places where the sunlight came again.
• 8.037 and in places they could see
• 8.041 in a difficult place
• 8.068 in this beastly place,’
• 8.081 when he noticed a place of dense black shadow ahead of him,
• 8.092 in this place
• 8.094 to a different place.
• 8.094 When about fifty had gone off to the place where he had stood before,
• 8.098 in the place came after him:
• 8.099 Off Bilbo scuttled to a fresh place,
• 8.117 that is more or less the way towards the place
• 8.125 in its proper place.
• 8.132 and the strong place of his treasure,
• 9.011 in that place all alone,
• 9.013 in a specially deep dark place.
• 9.013 At last after many difficulties he managed to find the place
• 9.020 to a place far down the river where the bank jutted out,
• 9.030 in a deep place
• 9.051 in his place.
• 9.051 to the place where the barrels were collected.
• 9.061 In this way at last Mr. Baggins came to a place
• 10.036 in places of honour.
• 12.091 in my bones that this place will be attacked again.
• 12.094 in a place
• 13.009 in the place,
• 13.052 is the safest place for a meal.
• 13.062 It’s a cold lonesome place,’ said Bombur.
• 13.066 Here they found a flat place without a wall
• 13.067 There were several places like it round the Mountain.
• 14.008 in the low place
• 14.023 in one place.
• 14.033 He has tonight earned an eminent place
• 14.043 in the same place.
• 15.021 and dwells nearest to this place.
• 15.038 in places deep, where dark things sleep,
• 15.050 and in the chief place,’
• 15.053 In this debate they have no place.
• 15.060 The whole place still stinks of dragon,’
• 16.024 from this cold cheerless place,’
• 17.047 Let us take our places while there is yet time!’
• 18.010 in this place.
• 18.043 to the north of the place where the Forest River ran out.
• 19.018 Yet even that place could not long delay him now,
• 19.024 he quickly noted the place

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