Oh, my. Oh, this is delightful! Oh, look at the very first one!

• 1.070 and was swept away into dark lands under strange moons,
• 1.076 They meshed the light of moon and sun.
• 1.081 The mountain smoked beneath the moon;
• 1.081 Beneath his feet, beneath the moon.
• 2.031 and a wandering moon appeared
• 3.010 for the moon had not risen.
• 3.040 The moon was shining
• 3.042 They can only be seen when the moon shines behind them,
• 3.042 it must be a moon of the same shape
• 3.042 in a crescent moon,
• 3.047 the first day of the last moon of Autumn
• 3.047 when the last moon of Autumn
• 3.049 “None to be seen by this moon,” said Elrond,
• 4.003 perhaps that very next last moon of Autumn
• 6.033 There will be a bit of moon,
• 6.033 Not that they mind the moon much,
• 6.048 The moon was up
• 6.049 It was wolves howling at the moon,
• 6.050 in the forest under the moon
• 6.052 in the moon as he peeped out.
• 6.067 Also he could see the glint of the moon
• 6.086 and there with the light of the moon on a hill-side rock or a stream
• 7.008 and the moon walks,’
• 7.023 on the top of the Carrock at night watching the moon
• 7.103 The moon set sail upon the gale,
• 7.106 a splash of white on the floor came from the high moon,
• 7.133 and into the night beneath the moon.
• 7.136 in the moon watching our camps.
• 8.131 and Moon,
• 11.029 and faint was a thin new moon above the rim of Earth.
• 11.032 The little moon was dipping to the horizon.
• 11.037 the moon was gone,
• 12.097 like rain upon the Moon!’
• 14.020 The moon is rising.
• 14.021 and as he came the moon rose above the eastern shore
• 14.023 in the moon –
• 14.024 white in the sudden dark under the moon.
• 14.025 The waxing moon rose higher
• 15.017 the third night back from now at the rising of the moon.’
• 19.003 The moon is far whiter
• 19.010 and the moon shining through an open window.
• 19.011 The stars are in blossom, the moon is in flower,
• 19.014 Fall Moon! Dark be the land!
• 19.015 What time by the moon is this?
• 19.030 And under mountains in the moon.

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