Indeed. The sun was shining. That makes me smile. Perfectly Imperfect.

• 1.008 The sun was shining,
• 1.076 They meshed the light of moon and sun.
• 2.002 By that time the sun was shining;
• 2.030 Somewhere behind the grey clouds the sun must have gone down,
• 2.110 dug somewhere near to hide from the sun in?
• 3.026 when sun has been all day on the snow far up above.
• 3.034 with the early sun
• 3.044 “and the setting sun
• 3.047 and the sun
• 3.050 and the sun dancing on the water.
• 4.002 let loose by mid-day sun upon the snow,
• 5.036 Sun on the daisies it means,
• 5.146 the sun came out from behind a cloud
• 5.149 But they don’t like the sun:
• 5.149 and keeping out of the sun;
• 6.001 till the sun began to sink westwards –
• 6.045 The sun had long gone behind the mountains.
• 6.067 that could look at the sun unblinking,
• 7.001 with the early sun
• 7.002 The sun was still close to the eastern edge of things.
• 7.008 where the sun sails
• 7.014 in the sun,
• 7.045 and filled with the light of the westering sun which slanted into it,
• 7.089 the sun had fallen behind the peaks of the Misty Mountains
• 7.105 you must not stray outside until the sun is up,
• 7.111 We have been about looking for Beorn ever since the sun got up;
• 7.132 The sun had only just turned west when they started,
• 7.133 but soon the sun rose red
• 8.002 Occasionally a slender beam of sun
• 8.004 long after they were sick for a sight of the sun
• 8.004 and lived at times for long whiles without the light of the sun;
• 8.042 The sun was shining brilliantly,
• 8.043 that had been lightened by the sight of the sun
• 8.131 in the twilight of our Sun
• 9.064 Luckily there was no sun at the time to cast an awkward shadow,
• 10.006 The sun had set when turning
• 10.035 And grass beneath the sun;
• 11.013 until the sun began to sink towards the forest,
• 11.029 As the sun turned west
• 11.029 Soon he saw the orange ball of the sun
• 11.032 The sun sank lower
• 11.032 a red ray of the sun escaped like a finger through a rent
• 11.037 the sun sank,
• 12.042 The sun was shining when he started,
• 12.097 in the sun,
• 13.048 A misty sun sent its pale light
• 13.050 And I never expected to be so pleased to see the sun again,
• 13.051 they shivered in the sun.
• 13.065 and saw the wintry sun going downwards to the West.
• 14.008 His wealth is like the Sun,
• 17.005 and setting of a few suns,’
• 18.052 and a bright sun,
• 18.053 and looking backward they saw a white sun
• 19.029 By caves where never sun has shone,

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