Our song is changing!!!

• 1.077 To claim our long-forgotten gold.
• 9.016 would suffer seriously if the Wood-elves claimed part of it,
• 10.044 You must claim your own.
• 14.033 From whom should we claim the recompense of our damage,
• 15.050 no man has a claim,
• 15.052 And still my other claims remain unanswered.’
• 15.054 though they had no claim but friendship on him,’
• 15.056 and we bid him consider well the claims that have been urged,
• 16.027 Personally I am only too ready to consider all your claims carefully,
• 16.027 in my own claim.
• 16.039 I am willing to let it stand against all my claim,
• 18.035 since so many have a claim
• 18.035 to lay aside all your claim,

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