There is so much to learn about this beautiful word – a noun, a verb, and spelled with equal currency and correctness as “highth”. I learn with delight that my mother’s way of saying and writing it – “heighth” – is a lingering touch of the 17th century. I say it that way in my head, though I’ve adapted to the more acceptable spelling. Ahhh, words.

“height | highth, n.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, June 2020, http://www.oed.com/viewdictionaryentry/Entry/85484. Accessed 22 June 2020.

Five times out of twelve in the work, the word means “that high place right over there”.

• 01.004 about half our height,
• 01.079 The pines were roaring on the height,
• 06.086 At the best of times heights made Bilbo giddy.
• 07.005 even from their great height,
• 08.132 a river ran out of the heights of the forest
• 11.005 in a height called Ravenhill.
• 12.007 at the height of their wealth
• 14.013 the dragon’s wrath blazed to its height,
• 15.010 This very height was once named Ravenhill,
• 17.031 The dwarves are exceedingly strong for their height,
• 17.048 climbed to the height of the Eastern shoulder
• 17.052 when a cry rang out on the heights above.

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