Though the adventure begins in 2941, April 25 and ends 2942, June 2 , there are only three named months in the work: April, May, and June.

My mother knew a sibb of triplets named April, May, and June.

Thank you to the LotR Project for the timeline! I might quibble with the dates in late 2941, however because “last moon of autumn on the threshhold of winter” [03.047], but they might have more nformation about lunar eccentricies than my back of the envelope calculation — the detail is that the sun and moon are in the sky together which is not guaranteed on any particular full moon, though it is usually so. Of course is it a full moon that is implied? Ahhhh, calendars. They are like warm baths.

April • 1.071 it was April –
April • 1.128 And Thrain your father went away on the twenty-first of April,
May • 2.026 just before May,
May • 2.028 Mostly it had been as good as May can be,
June • 2.029 “To think it will soon be June!” grumbled Bilbo,
June • 3.016 in June
June • 3.025 in June under the stars,
May • 8.047 since they started their journey that May morning long ago.
June • 11.012 Only in June they had been guests
May • 16.026 under the clock on his mantelpiece in May!
May • 19.001 It was on May the first
June • 19.027 for now June had brought summer,
June • 19.03 And through the merry flowers of June,
June • 19.036 on June the Twenty-second

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