The verb “stay” meaning to cease movement and the verb “stay” meaning to stop movement, and the noun stay meaning a support are all from French and ultimately Latin stare, to stand. Not so nautical stays, which are also supports, but they’re of German root stock and related to “steel.”

• 1.046 and whether they would all stay to supper.
• 1.061 I suppose you will all stay to supper?’
• 1.063 and stayed talking to Gandalf –
• 3.017 O! Will you be staying,
• 3.017 To stay would be jolly
• 3.024 Are you going to stay a bit
• 3.025 Bilbo would have liked to stay a while.
• 3.026 and would not stay.
• 3.031 They stayed long
• 3.031 Yet there is little to tell about their stay.
• 8.113 Don’t stay up there
• 9.051 and have to stay lurking as a permanent burglar
• 10.040 about keys or barrels while the dwarves stayed
• 11.001 but none of the men of the town would stay with them
• 12.009 and the whole lot could stay here for ever,
• 12.030 and here we shall have to stay,
• 12.039 but stay where we are.
• 14.031 The wise will stay here
• 17.016 Stay! Your wish is granted!’
• 18.027 They would not stay here,
• 18.043 even though the king bade them stay a while
• 18.051 and there for a while they both stayed.

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