Fly (verb)

To fly through the air and to fly as movement in a rush even if on the ground are the same word. Fly and “flee” are so very interconnected that … well. Let’s just say that many and many a happy moment were spent reading the very fine print.

• 1.123 with the dwarves flying south or getting killed,
• 1.123 One day he flew up into the air
• 2.031 between the flying rags.
• 2.042 any more than fly like a bat.
• 3.017 Or will you be flying?
• 3.017 To fly would be folly,
• 5.130 and grabbed as the hobbit flew over him,
• 6.069 and they flew away from the mountains,
• 6.075 Fly away little birds!
• 6.075 Fly away if you can!
• 6.082 Other birds flew to the tree-tops
• 6.092 Soon another eagle flew up.
• 6.092 and flew away with him into the night leaving Bilbo all alone.
• 6.093 This time he flew only a short way.
• 6.093 There was no path down on to it save by flying;
• 7.003 What is finer than flying?’
• 7.031 The noise of the giant bees flying to
• 7.102 and flying smoke was in the air.
• 8.029 There was a flying sound of hooves on the path ahead.
• 8.029 Out of the gloom came suddenly the shape of a flying deer.
• 10.018 that they had seen him flying
• 12.027 or fly whirling round
• 12.029 They had barely time to fly back to the tunnel,
• 12.031 they could hear the roar of the flying dragon grow
• 12.084 to fly to the Men of the Lake
• 12.090 and flew away.
• 14.001 and flew off
• 14.020 as he flies
• 14.021 flying low,
• 14.040 and their swift-flying messengers flew
• 15.001 Their companies came flying from the South;
• 15.004 he flew towards them
• 15.011 and immediately flew away.
• 15.013 he could hardly fly,
• 15.022 Then off he slowly flew.
• 15.053 Begone now ere our arrows fly!
• 17.046 flying lower,
• 17.049 nor does it stop flying arrows
• 17.052 Already many of the goblins were flying

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