Just to round out the charts which support my current thoughts about the spoken word. We are speaking here of Trolls (2.043), Wargs (6.060 and 6.070), Beorn to the ponies (7.092), probably Westron (12.015), Thrushes (12.084), Roäc speaking Westron (15.014), and Dain’s herald-messengers, presumably in Westron in a high register, closer to the language mentioned in 12.015 (17.033).

• 2.043 not to mention their language,
• 6.060 in the dreadful language of the Wargs.
• 6.070 in their horrible language,
• 7.092 in a queer language
• 12.015 since Men changed the language that they learned of elves in the days when all the world was wonderful.
• 12.084 of understanding their language,
• 15.014 for he used ordinary language and not bird-speech
• 17.033 and rather old-fashioned language of such occasions,

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