Bilbo utters the funniest shriek of the whole novel –

  • 01.092 he began to feel a shriek coming up inside,
  • 01.095 but one shriek like that
  • 04.036 shrieking and skriking,
  • 04.037 before the sword shrieking into the darkness.
  • 04.048 and Beater!” they shrieked;
  • 05.076 shrieked Gollum,
  • 05.093 shrieked Gollum.
  • 05.130 All at once there came a blood-curdling shriek,
  • 05.132 then they’ll have heard his shrieking
  • 06.068 shrieking back to their caves,
  • 14.012 Amid shrieks
  • 14.023 With a shriek that deafened men,
  • 18.021 or driving them down shrieking


Most uses of rustle seem full of danger and adventure in The Hobbit, but the mention in Chapter 2 is comical:

[02.039] …and do what they could they made a deal of rustling and crackling and creaking (and a good deal of grumbling and dratting), as they went through the trees in the pitch dark

  • 02.039 they made a deal of rustling
  • 08.037 A few leaves came rustling down
  • 12.008 hear the rustle of the whispering voices of the others just outside.
  • 13.001 and rustled in the tunnel.
  • 14.040 Leaves rustled


Only in Mirkwood do we find the word ruffle – once as the sound of feet among the leaves (as in ruffles and flourishes) and once as in disturbed smoothness – within five paragraphs of one another.

  • 08.037 Their feet ruffled
  • 08.042 ruffled here and there by the breeze;

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The last roaring is part of a magnificent image of Beorn:

The roar of his voice was like drums and guns; and he tossed wolves and goblins from his path like straws and feathers. He fell upon their rear, and broke like a clap of thunder through the ring.

  • 01.079 The pines were roaring on the height,
  • 07.099 and like a tide it roared and rolled;
  • 10.006 like a distant roar.
  • 12.021 roaring like thunder underground,
  • 12.029 with a noise like a roaring wind.
  • 12.031 they could hear the roar of the flying dragon grow
  • 12.101 they heard the roar
  • 14.011 before the roar of Smaug’s terrible approach grew loud,
  • 14.013 Roaring he swept back over the town.
  • 14.024 The lake roared in.
  • 17.040 Winter thunder on a wild wind rolled roaring up
  • 17.051 there rose from across the valley a deep-throated roar.
  • 18.023 The roar of his voice was like drums


Shivers down our spines?  High-register word!

  • 02.072 than he gave an awful howl.
  • 02.080 It made him howl,
  • 04.012 The wind was howling
  • 04.033 The Great Goblin gave a truly awful howl of rage
  • 04.036 howls, growls and curses;
  • 04.044 and howls
  • 06.049 All of a sudden they heard a howl away down hill,
  • 06.049 a long shuddering howl.
  • 06.049 It was wolves howling at the moon,
  • 06.056 for there were howls all round them now,
  • 06.058 howling into the clearing.
  • 06.065 while those that were burning were running about howling
  • 06.067 and hear the howling
  • 06.070 and howling round the trunks,
  • 06.082 There was a howl of anger
  • 07.132 in which there came the howl of hunting wolves
  • 17.048 and howls rent the air afar.
  • 17.059 The bodyguard of Bolg came howling against them,